Why Me?

Lying flat upon the dew filled grass
In a moonless night,
I gaze at the innumerable silent stars overhead
And wonder
At our complicated connection.
Why me?

The world is more than enough.
Pretty faces and charming smiles,
Fluttering like lovely fairies everywhere;
Outshining in every facet that God has bequest
Upon his beautiful creation called woman.
Then why me?

I am no princess!
Ordinary features, conventional attitude.
Quick tempered as always,
Sometimes coy and detached.
Yet nothing extraordinary.
So why me?

Wish I could read your mind!
But I dare not ask you
Lest everything between us should cease to exist.
As the faint glimmers of light break through the blackness,
I try to find answers myself
With the hope that someday I will know.

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