Simply Friends

There are certain people in our life
Whom we call friends.
Funny little family they form
Which keeps on growing
Right from the day when you snatched their crayons
Till there is nothing left to fill in the colours.

Some entertain you.
For others, you are the entertainment.
Some can’t live through their day
without some nonsense chatter with you.
Some remain invisible for months
Only to call up at midnight on your birthday.
Some just let you be you.
For some, you put up an act.

Some are just fond of you.
Others talk to you for a reason.
Some share their daily stuff
And some, their special moments.
Some love to give a piece of their mind.
For others, you are no less than an agony aunt.
Some walk that extra mile with you.
While others leave you at the bend.

As the horizon engulfs the fiery sun
And the blackness takes over,
Some stay back
Till the stars ceased to exist
And greet the first rays of light with you.

Assorted characters, I know.
And yet, they all are
Simply friends.

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