Books are For Ever

Best friends of man, guides of mankind;
Since ages, they have groomed our mind.
Wherever you go, wherever you look,
There is no such place where you can’t find a book.

Life is colourful and interesting, as we all know.
Without books, it would have been boring and shallow.
Textbooks, novels, comics; innumerable varieties are there.
Books are priceless treasures, to collect and share.

Ever since television has become a daily affair,
Kids and elders alike, have no time to spare.
Libraries have become empty and lifeless.
Poor books lay there, gathering dust, without any success.

Internet might be replacing the good old books in the coming ages.
But the distinct smell of the yellow pages
And the feel of the hardbound cover
Can never be replaced by anything ever.

2 thoughts on “Books are For Ever”

  1. Dearest Sohini,
    Let me commence by congratulating you on the corpus of work that you have put up on this blog.. Keep it up! Please read Philip Larkin’s A Study of Reading Habits and let me know what you think of the poem. I’m interested in your response in terms of drawing a study of contrasts between Larkin’s poem and yours.

    Take care. Au revoir!


    1. Hey Ananya, thanks a lot for your comments. My writing is not that awesome but you are really very generous :). I read the poem suggested by you. It is humorous and totally in contrast with mine. A Study of Reading Habits talks about how people get more interested in nonsensical stuff in life than books as they grow up. My poem too talks about similar notions in the third paragraph but paints a hopeful picture that people will eventually realise the true worth of books.


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