The Journal of A Social Activist

As you read this, I embark on a journey
Like a stagnant ship trying to stir in a motionless sea.
There is no start, there is no end.
The road goes straight, without any bend.

Let m tell you, it is not smooth or neat.
Dried prickles pierce my naked feet.
They hurt I know, but I must go on.
To do justice to the role I have taken upon.

Everything I left behind, I know not why.
They love me a lot, it makes me cry.
But I was dead; my conscience killed me.
And nothing that they did could make me reveal the mystery.

They knew not what I had realised.
Destiny chose me and I must fight.
I care for none except those you die.
Even though it makes my kith and kin cry.

As I move on, I am alone – a solitary reaper.
Braving the sharp boulders and stringing creepers.
Even then every step lightens a tiny wick of hope in me
That I will find more fellow travelers in this unusual journey.

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