Some of the Books I have Read Before

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by J K Rowling

I didn’t buy the book to show my loyalty to Harry Potter. Because 7 is a very powerful number and I was not sure whether I was ready to anything beyond the happy ending depicted in the last book. Also because I don’t think a script can do justice to J K Rowling’s masterful chronicle in any way.

I finally decided to overcome my fear and inhibition and downloaded the E Book in my Kindle today evening. It started with where it ended, at platform 93/4 where Harry, Ginny, Hermoine and Ron are sending their kids off to Hogwarts. The setting is built in to get the readers into easing into the narration. Only that it didn’t. Remember how James Potter comes running to his parents and says, “Our Teddy! Teddy Lupin! Snogging our Victoire! Our cousin! And I asked Teddy what he was doing… and he said he had come to see her off! And then he told me to go away! He was snogging her!”… They did away with the dialog and many others, although that could be because the script writers wanted Albus to be the center of attention throughout the book. But the detailing was what I love about the original Harry Potter… J K Rowling envisaged a perfectly self-sustaining magical world with the minutest of details in place, like the way she describes the self-washing dishes in Ron’s kitchen when Harry comes to his house for the first time ever or how even wizards and witches can’t swim under water without an aid. Anything that was impossible was magic to us until J K Rowling came along and she made the impossible look wonderfully possible with a precise and meticulously thought-out fantasy world. Think about a parallel magical world where there is a witch named J K Rowling who has become a sensation after publishing a series on creatures called Muggles whose cars can’t fly and education is a one has to compulsorily study for at least 12 years to be able to earn money!

The script, I thought, had the details missing… the least I was looking forward to was a description of Harry’s and Ginny house. Did they have flying motion pictures of Harry & Ginny hanging on the wall? Did they bewitch their kids’ alarm clocks? *Or is it just me who is cribbing too much about this?*

The plot was interesting and engaging though the Time-Turner was used a bit too much. Rather than being a significant means to build the story, it became the third hero after Albus and Scorpius. Correct me if I am wrong but I think only the third book mentions a Time Turner, inspite of it being such a powerful magical artifact.

Okay, I think I should stop comparing and complaining. A Sunday well spent nonetheless 🙂 .

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