The Kingdom of Hopes

The kingdom of hopes
Was unlike any of the places
Where you or I have ever been.
It was where dreams were sold
In exchange of hopes.
The seller was the king of the land
And the buyer was a little girl.

Alas, the king soon ran out of dreams to sell.
The pristine clouds adorning the kingdom turned dark
And the angelic fowl guards became grim reaper.
The little girl wanted to leave for another place, another seller
Who sold dreams and not reality.
The king desperately rummaged through his reserves of hopes
For the one which could produce more dreams for him to sell.
No even one such hope he could find, he was surprised!

Trapped in his own kingdom, he could do nothing
But to sit at his throne and stare hard
As his last buyer hopped out of the fateful gates of his kingdom.

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