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Internship @ SISO

The distance between Chennai and Bangalore is less than 500 km and yet, I am here in Bangalore for the first time for my internship at SISO which stands for Samsung India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd. And I am enjoying every moment spent out here.

The orientation program for the interns was held in the first two days. Apart from the mandatory activities like verification of documents, opening of bank account, numerous sessions on the company, security, work culture etc., we had some team building events like making bridges out of newspaper. Six groups, each consisting of seven interns, brainstormed and toiled for a good half an hour and came out with six unique designs. And the best part of it was that my team won!

I am assigned to work with the Wireless Messaging Group of Wireless Products and Solutions Team. For my project, when I was asked to learn PHP and SQL, I fell back on my strong foundation of C and C++ programming. Even though I haven’t done rigorous coding for the past 3 years, I was able to pick up the nitty gritty of the languages easily. And then there are my mentors, Rahul Sir, Naga Kiran Sir, Chandan Sir and Lakshmi Narayana Sir, who readily help me whenever I get stuck. In less than 2 weeks, SISO has become an integral part of me.

The energy at the workplace is viral. Everyone is focussed and committed to their assigned project. People talk about their work so enthusiastically as if it some exciting cricket match is going on. There is so much to know, learn and appreciate. Last week, Naga Kiran Sir offered me a sweet and asked me to do an impromptu presentation of my work! I also got a chance to attend an office birthday celebration and I realised it was hardly different from a family birthday celebration. Last but not the least, I am totally in love with with food that is served out here, be it breakfast or lunch. The variety of dishes is simply amazing!

I hope life gets more exciting in the coming days at SISO!

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