At Home…

When do you finally realise that you are at home?

  1. When you struggle to stay awake throughout your early morning flight but suddenly become wide awake as soon as your flight lands.

  2. When you anxiously look around for your swanky Honda City and realise that your parents have decided to pick you up in your Maruti 800.

  3. When you have the first morsel of Ghar Ki Roti Sabzi and wish that home food could be sent by email.

  4. When you wake up to the shouts of your younger brother saying, “Didi! Didi! Where is she?”

  5. When, after waking you up, your brother stands next to you and compares his height with yours.

  6. When you go out of your house armed with a bucket, towel and soap only to realise that your house has inbuilt bathrooms.

  7. When you notice quite a few changes in your home and ask your Mom to which she replies, “Didn’t I tell you on phone? Oh! I thought I did!”

  8. When you are inundated with requests from your brother to read his course books, write notices, diary entries, poems, do projects etc.

  9. When you go to the local grocery shop and you forget to show the membership card at the cash counter.

  10. When your maid, watchman, liftman, car cleaner etc. ask your Mom, “Aakpi beti waapas aa gayi? Kitne din rahegi? Kitni dubli patli ho gayi hai!”

At home, at heaven…

2 thoughts on “At Home…”

  1. Point 10. True story.

    Some random relative says, “Beta itne sookh gaye ho. Khana nahin khate kya?”
    And I think. “No, I survive on Solar energy!!”


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