Bura Na Mano Aaj Holi Hai!

A dash of zeal, a bucket full of mischief.
A splash of liveliness, a burst of ecstasy.
A handful of colours, oodles of happiness.
A bunch of unrecognizable faces.
A show of special hair streaks.

As soon as you step out
Neat and fresh,
The world around you moves
In a frenzied blur
And before you can even blink,
You are drenched and done!
A moment of daze
and some curt words under the breath,
You run after your culprits,
And become one of them.
Splash around wildly
As no one should be spared
And eagerly wait for
Another spicy and spany!

No matter where you hide,
The hues and dyes will find you,
And so will your wicked friends!
Because Bura na mano
Aaj Holi hai!

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