Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
When the sky look a perfect blue
And the trees swayed rhythmically,
playfully flirting with the soulful breeze,
Life was indeed very beautiful.
Quite a few witty gossips
And a lot of ridiculous pranks;
With you, time flew away in a whisper.
Without you, every moment seemed like an eternity.

All of a sudden
There is a void,
Creeping between us
Invisibly like a malicious snake.
There is no fun anymore
In your company.
There is coldness and indifference
In your pretense.
You had certain expectations, hadn’t you?
I am sorry if I didn’t live up to them.
You were living under an illusion
Of an image, sophisticated and worldly-wise.
I am not what you had thought I was.
And I cannot change it.
Yet I feel contented that
The distance between us
Has been filled with better choices
Who are far more worthy of your company.
And my legacy is lost
Somewhere in your past.

We stumble upon each other sometimes.
You smile and pass by.
Without any warmth.
Without any desire.
While I stop and look back
Longingly at your retreating self
Dissolving into oblivion
And fervently hope that
Someday our tale will begin again.

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