Can We Talk?

Can we talk?
Because I want to.
Staying alive has become difficult
In the last few months.
At last, I am at your refuge.
Can we have a conversation?
Because I want to
Confide in you,
The nightmare I have been through.

There is no one whom I trust
Except you.
There was a time
When you made my world
Beautiful and blessed.
Caressing my hair gently
When I wept upon your shoulders,
Squeezing my palms with your warm ones
When I confessed my wrongdoings,
Smiling tenderly at my blushed face
When I revealed my crushes.
Ever since I have come back,
My hands have been itching to hold yours.
My disheveled hair has been craving
To flow through your tender fingers.
Why do you seem to be so far away
Even when we are sitting across each other,
Less than four meters apart?

The closest that we ever got was
When we sat besides each other at dinner.
I kept strangling my fork
With those long merciless noodles,
Stealing a look or two at you,
Hoping to be asked,
‘Is everything all right?’
All that you could say was,
‘Don’t fiddle with your food and eat!’
And left me alone.
The fork died a silent death.
And so did I.

I will be leaving soon
With my baggage intact.
Before I leave
Can we look into each others’ eyes?
Because I want to
Get rid of the desolate thoughts,
Tearing my soul apart
Piece by piece.
You were the only one.
No one else is worthy enough,
Except solitude.

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