The Secret Keeper

Some secrets
Are meant to be kept secrets.
While others
Are meant to be discovered.
For they define you.
Your existence.

I have a box.
A black box.
Filled with human essentials.
Inner desires.
Nameless fears.
Teenage crushes.
Rigorous conventions.
Queer habits.
Of others, not mine.
They are safe in it, I know.
For the box is sealed with trust.

I have secrets too.
Concealed under the mask of indifference.
My secrets
are my shadows of different shades.
They are loyal to me.
They never leave me.

Until today.
I am confused.
I am scared.
Boundaries are blurring.
Secrets and reality no longer seem different.
I need a black box too.
Before reality turns into an impossible dream.
You have a black box, haven’t you?
Will you hear me out?
Will you listen patiently
Without any judgement?

I know, my secrets
Will no longer be secrets.
But some mere contents of your black box.
I have always wondered before
Who a secret keeper tell his secrets to.
Today, I have found my answer.

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