The Tug of War

Long long ago deep into a forest
Once lived a spotted animal
Whose tiny neck and shapeless jaw
Made his life miserable.

Teased by all, pitied by some,
The poor beast had no escape.
‘Even a tortoise neck is longer than mine!’
He lamented upon his unfortunate fate.

Fed up with the inattention, the forlorn giraffe
Decided to commit suicide.
When suddenly he caught sight of some adams
Pulling a single rope left and right.

The giraffe’s mind clicked and his hopes were raised.
Cautiously and carefully, he entered the human maze.
‘Please use me’, said he, ‘to find out who is brawnier?’
The adams were baffled but still gave in to an appeal so sincere.

Some caught hold of the front, the rest held onto the back.
Pulled with all their might till the morning cracked.
Amidst them, the giraffe’s neck rose and touched the sky.
No longer had the puny giraffe any reason to cry.

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