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Finally, here it is! The END of my first year in IITM. And don’t worry, I am not going to say that “it seems like it was just yesterday when I stepped into the most prestigious institute of the country” and all that crap. For me, it’s been one of the most exciting (naah!), illuminating (not at all!) and truly ‘electrifying’ (let me think!) times of my life. Actually, it was worth every day, every hour, every minute, every second that I spent here. And, here it is as to why.

Location: Seniors Wing, Sharav, IITM
Time: 1:00 a.m.

Intros, intros and more intros and still ended up without a nick. Intra hostel competitions (Ended up winning JAM without uttering anything :P), midnight birthday parties(Wishing strangers for that one piece of chocolate fantasy), freshie night practice (Chunariyaa!), Swine Flu (That’s Chunariyaa again!) and finally Shaastra. Ditched it for guess what? Physics midsem which in turn ditched me! Before long, we (Sabah, Meghana, Himaja and me, of course) were roaming in a swanky Maruti SX4 in the by lanes of T Nagar to shop for our ‘Great Creation’, The ARROW (Check out my photo album in Facebook and okay, the car was Himaja’s uncle’s! :P)

ID project I night out: Watching MTV and gorging on Maggi ‘Cuppa’ Noodles at 5 a.m. in the morning.

ID Project I Day: Running with Sabah’s Chunni so that she follows us because we were late!

My first official night out in the service of my hostel was the night before Choreo Nite. Wasn’t very painful considering that for I couldn’t get up from my bed for the next three days (Dusshera Holiday!). Meanwhile, drams happened. By twist of fate, I landed up in Godav’s team instead of Sharav’s team. But the good news is that Sharav put fourth and Godav put none :P. Had an awesome experience especially when I almost broke Nirmal’s nose by slamming a wooden door unto his face 😀 . Soon after, we found ourselves staring at the problem sheet ID PROJECT Part II. (This time we shopped in Adyar on foot. Buying brooms while sitting in a SX4 doesn’t look good! :P)

ID Project II night out: Sabah and Meghana dancing on Westlife songs (It was just that I was too irrtirated to make fun of them!)

ID Project II Day: Wading through floods of muddy water since there was no ‘bridge’ to BSB.

Project over. Race began. Race to mug, gobble and vomit out everything in the end sem papers. Five Four Three Two One……..Baroda, I am back!

Live life as if there’s no tomorrow in next five days. The charisma of Saraang at its crescendo as soon as the next semester came knocking at the door. Beauty parlours, saloons, malls, you can find our dear fellow mates everywhere. Saarang Freshie orientation-Was made to dance which was surprisingly liked by Junta. Took up security volship just for the heck of it (and for free tickets to proshows, of course!).

5 days of peace and then back to quizzes, Mid Sems, then quizzes again! In between N number of festivals: Pongal, Holi, Ugadi etc etc. Sneharaj presentations followed by fundae sessions and bedtime stories of her seniors. Midnight Birthdays of Meghana, Himaja, Pranitha, Chaitra, Meghana K. Finally, April brought respite for AP and TN people – Good Friday holidays.

This was followed by the hostel nights: Sharav rocked (Gulab Jamun won hearts!), Saras was OK (ice cream sucked big time!), Alak was satisfactory (no roti, no ice cream-who is new mess sec?). Hostel treats for choreo and creative writing (Thank you Adithi and Akila :)). PMT Project in IE Lab (Thanks to the AC, it kept the smoke issued from the N number of blown op amps under control!). Last but not the least, the End Sems patiently waited for their prey who again unwillingly programmed themselves to mug, gobble and vomit out. Almost. I mean, we still need to throw up for one last CS paper. And after that, peace and happiness will prevail. Baroda, I am coming :D.

Some insignificant but invaluable instances:
1. Pranitha’s epic “Cheppu Cheppu” when we whisper to each other in front of her.
2. Himaja’s God level PJ’s.
3. Karthik’s pizza making dance at Sharav hostel night.
4. Chandrasekhar’s irritating OBMAX response.
5. Sabah’s even more irritating “I SCREWED UP” response and getting the highest afterwards.
6. Himaja putting board pins to fix cardboards.
7. Madhavi crying just because she didn’t have the key to her room and her books were locked inside.
8. My letterpals (Love you Ananya and Rini)
9. Karthik’s photoshoot with Elec girls at Elec Night.
10. Sumedha, Kunal, Sireesha and Saptarshi for their SMSes (You helped me pain Vodafone!)

I am writing this note not for sake of writing something or wanting people to comment, like, unlike, hate etc. I just want to thank all those people who have made such amazing times possible and special for me. I always thought I simply landed in IITM. There were moments when I seriously thought that IITB should have been priority (Since It’s nearer to where I stay, except that IITM rocks!). But I now I feel that I was always destined to be here in this awesome place, to be among such wonderful people and witness some of the best moments of my life. Thank you everyone who has made my first year in insti worth remembering and worth putting down in words.

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