The Dream

The dream has come to an end.
Beautiful and enchanting , it was
Just like your company and your presence
Alas! It faded away, oh my dear friend.

Moments of happiness or at the time of peril,
You stood by me, be it any time.
You were there to listen to me.
You were there to share and care for me.

I may not be a great writer,
But for you, I was a Shakespeare.
I may have tasted success so often,
No one but you made me stand out as an outstanding achiever.

Be it my latent talent, you squeezed it out of me.
Be it my inconsistent etiquettes, you let it drown for me.
Your friendship added new dimensions to my essence.
Your companionship led me into another world of hope and happiness.

A person without friends is a bare chest,
Lying abandoned deep within the ocean.
Friends are rare and treasured jewels who
Never gather rust with the changing season.

It is very hard to let this magical
Sojourn to end even though
I wish I would have never
Woken up from my slumber.

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