The idea for this blog came to me while I was doing something called a ‘Sales Stint’ in corporate parlance. For a good four months, I spent a decent amount of my working hours in riding pillion on a bike behind a sales guy. With a stuffy helmet which made me almost deaf to the characteristic traffic commotion in India. My rider and I unsuccessfully attempted to converse by shouting through our respective head gears; I gave up after my throat got hoarse within a day! The daily route didn’t have much to offer except dirty drains and overgrown shrubs along it. Which left me with only one option: Sleep. Sleeping with my back straight is a piece of cake, I mused before I spotted another vehicle wherein the pillion rider almost fell down and hit his head on the rear wheel! I shook myself out of my drowsiness and instantly touched my helmet to make sure that my head was on its rightful place. Phew! Moments like this make you utterly philosophical and I started reflecting back on my family, my grandparents, my childhood etc. and by the time I reached my designated place, the thoughts had somehow spiralled into a long narrative about my ancestral land and its significance in my life. The next several days, I repeated this process: I would pick up a specific topic (needn’t related to me) and just let my mind wander and pick up associations linked to that topic. The exercise was creatively satisfying and I enjoyed the unconstrained flow of words that kept coming to me, long after I had done with the stint. I know I should have started to pen it down much earlier but then, it is better late than never right? 🙂

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