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A Quarter Completed!

I had my 25th birthday yesterday and I spent it alone.

Well, the initial plan wasn’t that… I had plans to go on a weekend trip to Dharamshala with my friends, if only an enticing dose of street Pani Puri hadn’t played havoc with my stomach. I decided to stay back in Ludhiana whilst my roommate left for the trip on Friday night itself.

The prospect of spending my birthday alone for the very first time in 25 years looked pretty intriguing initially. I made a schedule for the entire day so that I didn’t stay locked up in my room at any time. Here’s how it went:

Plan 1: Visit a parlour and get a face clean up, just to check whether Lakme actually gave complimentary services on birthdays or not, as claimed by them in their innumerable mass SMSes 😛

The chai paani guy a.k.a photographer judged me alright!


Plan 2: Watch Bhai ki movie because Ice Age tickets are sold off and hey, the theater is walking distance from the parlour!

Even then, I reached the theater half an hour late because I forgot my phone in the salon while blow drying my nail -_-. I know, Bhai will understand.

This photographer was confused between me and Anushka Sharma!

It is worth mentioning here that some well wishers of mine sent in cakes and bouquets at my residence so I kept getting calls for receiving delivery while in the theater and one of my neighbours kept giving me murderous looks for taking calls right in the middle of romantic sequences! But the calls didn’t stop there! One of the well wishers apparently cancelled his/her order and the flower guy called me at least five times to inform or rather, confirm me that he would be taking one of the cakes and bouquets back to the shop. I only know how fast I ran out the moment the interval came, to hide my face!

Plan 3: Make my maiden visit to a place of attraction in Ludhiana. I chose Nehru Rose Garden

Mainly a huge park with sporadic patches of rose plantation like this one. I could just see old people walking in the entire park! Where were the couples?! It is a rose park, after all!


Plan 4: Give myself a birthday gift! 😀

Barbeque Nations’ buffet it is!

I landed myself at the restaurant but I didn’t realise that it was weekend and given Punjabis’ love for food, it would be completely booked! And sure it was! So I came out dejected and checked Zomato for other buffet options in the city but my heart was set at BBQ. So I decided to chuck dinner and have a sumptuous BBQ lunch the next day. I went in again to check availability for the same but instead, I blurted, ‘Today is my birthday and I want to treat myself. Is there any possibility that you could accommodate me tonight?’ And the rest can be seen above 😀

And then, this happened:

For a very long time, I had this habit of eating the first cut piece of my birthday cake. And I staunchly defended it by saying that I love myself the most and hence, I deserve it. Never wish aloud, they say!


Plan 5: Posing with the troublesome bouquets and gift to show off

This is a timed selfie, the 50th one… Please appreciate the effort!

In all, it was a very interesting day. To be alone, travel alone, walk alone, eat alone and keep the random thoughts flooding in your mind just to yourself. Solitude is enticing and I had the entire day to do whatever I felt like. I thought about the last 25 years of my life, pondered over the significant life events that made me the way I was today, smiled at some stupid events things of adolescence and rued over the naive actions. At 25, I felt as if I was at the cusp of two eras; on one side, I could see a candid but  an anxious me and on the other side, I saw a prudent but a calm Sohini. Was I was ready and willing to cross over the threshold or did I still want to remain and enjoy the bygone era for some more time? I couldn’t decide though I must admit I enjoyed this mental debate all day long. However, as the day neared its end, I sort of missed having family and friends around to share happiness, laughter, cake, dinner with them.

Funnily enough, I took calls while I had a face mask on or while I was trying to admire half eaten roses at the garden or during the dinner or while I was struggling with my Moto E phone to get a nice selfie. I reconnected with few of my relatives and that felt really good. Yes, technology contributed equally to make my day memorable :-). Cutting my birthday cake in the presence of my loved ones would not have been possible otherwise.

4 thoughts on “A Quarter Completed!”

  1. Hi Sohini!

    Love your way of expressing your birthday in such a different way. You have the panipuri to thank/blame 😅
    I would say 25 years done and your birthday presented itself to you with this very unique perspective.
    I hope you get to go to Dharamshala sometime again 🙂



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